Server Administrator

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When your business will grow, you will often need to move your site to virtual dedicated and dedicated server. To take the full advantage of a dedicated server you should be able to administer it.   It is true, the routine administration will be done from the datacenter engineers but they are not suitable for the following types of works

  1. Fix  it when your site is hacked

  2. New software install/upgrade
  3. Important data backups

  4. Moving data server wise / site wise
  5. More

You can of course hire a datacenter engineer but you may not afford the cost. Even you can afford the cost you will not afford the delay.  
We have server administrators in our company to save our customers from odd situations.

Education, skills and experiences


Bachelor/Masters Degree in any discipline


8-15  years  of working experience in web  development and server admin

Basic Role

Simply will help you out when you need a server in-house for some urgent works


When and how to hire?

You should hire only when you are stuck. You can hire only one Usage Based. You can't hire him if you are not a RP customer.

Hourly Rate Comparison Chart

Resource Type Exp Hourly Rate in $
Volume (Hrs)   <10 10 to 20 20 to 50 50 or More
Team  Developer  2-4 yrs 12 11 10 9
Senior Team Developer  3-4.5 yrs 14 13 12 11
Senior Developer 4-6 Yrs 15 14 13 12
Project Manager / Analyst  5-10 yrs 18 16 14 14
iPhone App >5 Yrs 18 17 16 15
Android App >3 Yrs 16 15 14 12
Biz Consultant >12 years 20 18 17 16
Server Administrator >8 yrs 20 17 16 16
Web Designer >3 yrs 12 10 9 7
SEO Expert >3 yrs 12 10 9 8
Data entry operator >2 yrs 5 4 4 3

Note: Minimum billing/quotation hours for a fixed cost hiring is 4 only. The minimum log hour for all types of hiring is 1 only.  Higher is the volume lower is the rate. Reason, leakage for executing a smaller task is more than a bigger one.