About Remote Programmer

About Remote Programmer

Remote Programmer Private Limited is a web development company registered under Indian Company Act 1956.  It has a valid licence to export/import software related services and products. The parent company, Datasoft Solutions was a partnership company started its operation in 1999.  The same partners are now the directors of the new private limited company.  

We are located in the heart of the city Kolkata, India and at a stone throw distance from E.M. Bypass, the widest road in Kolkata.  It is also near Prince Anwar Shah Road, another busy road in Kolkata. So we have an advantage from communication point too.  When you come from Airport, you do not need to change the road to reach us, just a 30 minutes drive through E.M. Bypass.

The operation was first started in 1999 with only one computer, by the present directors of the company, Lutfal Hoque and Champa Khatun.  We started as a design only company but soon in one year we moved our focus to programming and web based solutions where our actual expertise lies. Now we are a approx 35 people company. Not big but not so small too. With this workforce almost all type of cloud application can be done.

At this moment we can be called DevOps implementor for SMEs. We have a in-depth knowldegebase and working experience in the area and ready to boost your output through DevOps automation. Apart from DevOps implementation, we undertake any type of web/cloud based application developement with or without a mobile extension.

From day one, we perished for code quality, better architecture & defined process. In 2004 when there was no PHP MVC framework we development our own MVC framework in 2004, based on Java Struts. Now we have developed and our own project cum product management system to provide end to end solution for software development. Actually we have attempted to automate the CMMI processes in Agile perspective. It gives solution requirement management, system analysis, interface modeling, create flow diagrams, test management, TDD checklist management system, defect tracking system, configuration managment etc. It has also automated the daily scrum and month end retro management system. Needless to say it also includes the regular features of a modern DevOps based project management system like backlog, task management, work entry, work reports etc. Most of all it offers a frontdesk mainly for non technical people to report / track a defect /task or view the overall system and communicate on any project, product, requirement, task or even on a checkpoint. 

The most used programming languages and frameworks at RP are React.js, React Native, PHP (frameworks like Yii2, Laravel, Phalcon, Codeigniter etc), Node.js with Express and  Python with D-Jango. Most used databases are PostGreSQL, MySQL & MongoDB.

Our basic motto is never to make money by hook or by crook.  So, we do not put the customer into risk by undertaking project where we are not confident to deliver quality.  We don't deliver a project in a way where we can't give future support.  We believe in quality system that can be easily maintained in future.

We maintain a strong ethical business policy to build a long term trust relationships with our customers. You can have a look on it at  http://www.remoteprogrammer.com/company-policy/

You can contact us by phone, email, skype or by post. Here are all contact details

Remote Programmer Private Limited
Anubhav, 705 Kalikapur Road
E. M. Bypass
Kolkata - 700099
West Bengal, India
Email: contact@remoteprogrammer.com
Skype : lutfal_hoque