Career with Remote Programmer Pvt. Ltd.

Why Career with RP?

The single most reason to join RP probably is "FASTER LEARNING CURVE". The core software development skills that will help you throughout your software career as well as the latest programming frameworks and software development techniques. If you are really serious about making a career in software development, we have a step by step plan to become a FULL STACK DEVELOPER. Here are some other reasons why you should join the RP team.

We Plan for Your Skill Development

At Remote Programmer Pvt Limited, we give equal priority to both Employee and Customer Satisfaction. We understand, unless an employee learns, he/she will never be able to give his/her best to satisfy a client, as well as build his/her career.  We have a step by step process where you can learn the core skills of software development as well as the latest technologies and techniques.

21+ Years in the Industry

We are in web solutions since 1999. In this big span, we have seen many technologies come and go. We got the opportunity to see what works in long term and what not. Over the long 21+ years of span, we have gathered all high-end web, cloud, and mobile development technologies, techniques & processes.

Industry Leading Development Processes

We started the process-driven development officially in 2003 by developing our own MVC framework in PHP, based on Java Strut when there were no PHP frameworks on the internet. Even Zend & Symphony were released later, in 2005. Now we use the industry-leading tools/techniques (for example DevOps / Scrum / CMMI, etc ) driven by Agile  / Lean software development models.

Latest Frameworks / Techniques / Technologies

Here you can surely learn the latest Web / Mobile frameworks. For cloud applications, we typically use PHP/Node.js for backend programming, ReactJS/VueJS/Other for a web frontend, React Native for Mobile Apps, ElectronJS for  Desktop app, and MongoDB/PGSQL/MySQL as backend storage. Apart from it, we work on popular Google / Amazon / Office 365 APIs for digital transformation projects.

Learn from Seniors & Experts

If you join as a team developer, your project manager will help you to chalk out the solution and also help you with process docs. You can consult the docs and enjoy the freedom to code with your own creativity. If stuck, you have the option to consult a Sr. Developer. You can even consult an expert of  14 to 20 years for complex solutions. It may take 2 years in other web companies that you can learn here in just 6 months.

Friendly Work Environment 

We try our best to make the web software development process as interesting as possible. No bossism. No irritating supervision, no unrealistic deadlines. There is an entertainment cum meeting day once a month. We have lunch together. We run a presentation session on major software development processes. We go for outings. We go for a picnic. We try our best to let our employees enjoy and make fun.

You Get Your Respect

We are ethical. We pay proper respect to every employee of the company, however junior he/she is.  We take ideas from everyone to maximize employee and customer satisfaction, in many cases, it comes from the junior-most developers. You can be 100% sure there will not be taken an unethical step against you. There will be no disciplinary action unless you have done an offense in the eye of the law.

A 100% Export Oriented Firm

Our 100% revenue comes from overseas projects.  We mainly work with clients from the UK, United States, Canada, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Germany, and Italy. Most clients are long term clients working with us for years.

An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company

We have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality. Unlike many others, we implement the ISO 9001 rules in reality. In fact, delivering quality codes to our customers helps the customer, but it helps the developer's career significantly. The reason, in big projects, there is no place for a developer, who writes un-organized and junk code.

Good Pay & Appraisal on Every 6 Months

Our salary structure is one of the highest among all the Web companies in Kolkata.  We also do salary increment appraisals every 6 months (standard) and reward generously based on performance. So if you love programming and system development, just working with dedication can give you unexpected growth.