Company Policy & Ethics

Company Policy & Ethics

We believe in "Honesty is the best Policy".  Though, nowadays many people may laugh at us but we still adhere to this old policy. We hate to be diplomatic.  Our objective is not to make money by hook or by crook. We simply want to be paid for our hard work.  We have efficient people working with us for years and they all have the ability to deliver quality web development solutions. So we simply do not need to inflate about our skills and efficiency.  We simply say "no" if something is beyond our scope. If you do not want to be cheated by many so-called web dacoits, you can test giving us a small project.


General Professional Ethics

Non-disclosure / confidentiality:  You do not need to make a separate NDA with us (we do not mind if you do it). We never disclose any personal information, customer information, website information, codes to anybody else unless you instruct to do so.  

Data Privacy:  We will never use your data for our personal use. The developers will not contact your customers unless you have instructed doing it. If he does he will represent your company only.   

Responding to Unethical Offers:  We will never respond to any unethical offers from your customers, partners or competitors as in the below cases

  • We are your outsourcing partner, and your customer has contacted us to have a direct development relationship with them
  • One of your partner/competitors wants a similar site to be developed copying idea from yours

No sale to your competitors:  You have made a unique system with your own idea and you have not made any specific agreement with us. Still we will not sell the same system to your immediate competitors. We may sell it someone who is at a safe distance and make sure he will not become your competitor.  

Delivery Commitment: We deliver what we commit. We do it even if we incur 500% loss. Now the million dollar question is, "Do we provide timely delivery?" The answer is both YES and NO because it equally depends on client side response too. It sometimes depends on extra feature addition or change of an existing feature.  To give timely delivery, unlike a newbie team, we do not  jump to coding but we define the project first. Try to find out the hidden glitches in the limelight. At least from our side we try 100% to deliver on time and we do it in most cases we do it. In some cases it may slide a little, but it should never go beyond  control.

We do not overcharge: We just want to be paid for our hard work. We will never take advantage of any bad situations of yours and overbill you. If you have paid more by mistake, and if we have noticed it, we will adjust it in next bills or refund it.  We do not add fake hours while logging worked hours.  We have standard rates, we charge according to that. Sometimes we even offer discounts on that. But we do not overcharge.


Long Term Support Guranteed

Our policy is to provide long term support to our clients at affordable cost. It is possible with our systems because unlike other open source systems, we try to keep the system specific to your requirement and devoid of mess and redundant codes that actually create support issues.  So it is never a problem if the original developer is no longer with our company.  

We will be available for support for even a small fix, on any system written by us even you come after 5 years.  


Copyright related policies

RP code Library: When we develop a custom website for you, we will deliver all the codes to you. In most cases, 90% of the code includes codes that we have developed over years.  Unless there is a separate agreement you will have lifetime use or edit licence on those codes.  You may use them on any domain.  But you may need prior permission to resell it or distribute it.

3rd Party Code: We do not deliver you any third party code without your prior permission. If we do, we will do it with a valid licence.

Special  Agreement:  You can have special agreement to protect your rights for any concept based application development. The cost may affect depending on the terms as you have to bear the full cost of the development. We will not mind to do so; however, we will keep the common library codes excluded from the agreement such that we can continue to use our own codes.


Refund Policies

If requested we will refund any unused inventories / hours deducting the both way transaction fee. It may vary 9% to 14%. It is little high because funds come to our bank on the same day of payment and we have to pay you via a separate transaction by credit card for an refund transaction. Paypal does not allow direct refund.  Also there are some losses from currency conversion. However you can adjust the amount with a future work and avoid any deduction.