Hire a PHP developer from India

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons


From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

Hire a dedicated Full Stack PHP developer (Expert in PHP + ReactJS/React Native)  and build anything you want for the web and mobile. We can ensure a quality solution for any complexity.

We are into PHP development since 1999. We always strived for quality code. So we developed our own MVC PHP frameworks based on JAVA strut in 2004. Since then there were no MVC frameworks in PHP. We developed many robust web applications with it. www.peoplemaps.com is one of them.  It has more than 500 MySQL tables and more than 2 million users.

Developer Full Stack PHP Developer
Experiences 4 to 8 Years
Framework Options Laravel/Phalcon/Yii/Codeigniter/Drupal

Hiring Type

Monthly Dedicated (will work only on your project)

Billing Monthly - For last month works

Fulltime - 5 days a week (except holidays), 8 hrs a day (excluding  break hours), minimum 160 hours a month, always available on skype, slack, etc - minimum

Project Management

Jira, A4W (Our own Project Mgt cum Product Development Tool )

Development Model

Agile - along with LEAN Software Development, SCRUM & DevOps practices

Quality Model TDD, Unit, Functional, 5S & UX, Load, Security, Maintainability & Usability testing ..
Front-end ReatctJS or HTML/CSS/JQuery
API Phalcon/Yii/Laravel
Database PgSQL/MySQL/MongoDB


Key Benefits

  • We are into PHP application development since 1999. Huge experience.
  • We developed our own MVC framework in 2004 when there were no PHP frameworks.
  • Project development and quality is monitored by experts at no extra cost
  • No extra cost for using the PHP code libraries developed over the years
  • Access to a team of experts on an SOS basis for nonprogramming works
  • Transparent project management covering both product and project life cycle
  • LEAN software development practices to maximize value and minimize waste
  • Integrated Requirement, Change & Test Mgt System to save time
  • Built-in-Quality through TDD checklists
  • Ethical practices & service agreement with NDA
  • Minimum price compared to the quality of service we provide
  • Long Term Support  Ensured
  • Initial project learning and environment setup hours are not billable 


Why Hire a PHP Developer?

PHP is the most popular open-source web technology for building web applications. More specifically it is the default programming language for the web. It works with HTML/CSS/Javascript on a web platform. The most popular platform is LAMP. Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP.

You can hire a PHP developer to build a simple website or to build a robust and complex web application. You can hire a PHP developer to maintain an existing PHP application too.

PHP web technology is comparatively easier but stabler than others. This is the only reason PHP has been the default web technology for years. Just for information, we have been into PHP development since 1999.

Hire a Full Stack PHP Developer with expertise in  React for your cloud application

With the advent of mobile in everyday life, everything has changed, web technology is no exception.  Companies are moving from traditional client-server technology to the cloud. The core logic is in the cloud in terms of APIs. Those APIs are then connected via client applications. Client applications can be a web interface (via browser), desktop application, or a mobile app. The client applications may connect the server APIs on every user action or periodically. This special type of application structure is known as a cloud application.

We can develop a cloud application for you using PHP at the back end (with Phalcon/Laravel or Yii framework), PgSQL/MongoDB as a database, ReactJS for web interfaces, React Native for mobile (both Android and iOS) app & ElectronJS for a desktop application. If it is not a very big application, it can be maintained by a single developer only.

PHP advantages over its peers

Here are a few solid reasons why choose PHP

  1. PHP is open-source and budget-friendly - everything required to build with PHP is open source. The PHP frameworks, the webserver (Apache and Nginx), the database (MySQL/PgSQL), the OS (Linux) all are free and better than most paid ones.
  2. Development in PHP Is less time-consuming - PHP language is easy, stable, object-oriented, and reusable. There are a lot of open-source PHP frameworks like Yii, Laravel, Phalcon, Drupal, Codeigniter which provide defined ways of writing codes with huge library support.  
  3. PHP has huge community support - PHP has been the default web technology since the nineties. Millions of developers have written open source code for public use. Thousands of active forums help. So you can always feel safe.
  4. PHP is easy to maintain and update - PHP software is open source, updates of the stable versions easily available, and easy to update. So no risk of reaching a dead end.
  5. PHP is highly flexible and Integrative - PHP best performs on any Linux platforms but it also runs efficiently in Windows, macOS, and others.
  6. PHP applications are easy for hosting - Probably 99% of hosting providers can help you with PHP hosting,  without forcing you to enter a proprietorship license trap.
  7. PHP is Stable, scalable, and high performing - PHP is stable and highly scalable. It runs with world-class software like apache, Nginx, qmail. It provides high performing frameworks like Phalcon, Yii, and laravel. There are a lot of open-source tools and ways to optimize performance. 

When to Hire a Dedicated PHP Developer

PHP can be used to build a simple static personal website or build a complex web application. You may not need to hire a dedicated PHP developer for building a simple information website where you can chalk out everything before the start. But below are situations where you must hire a dedicated PHP developer.

  1. You should hire a dedicated PHP developer planning to develop a web-based system using PHP to automate your business partly or fully. You need a developer who will be with you and guide you about different technical possibilities and implement your everyday ideas and improve the system on a continual basis.
  2. You should hire a dedicated PHP developer when you are going to build a large system. Because for any large system no one person knows the requirement. Dedicated developers will help to explore the requirement through an agile development process and implement it by creating an efficient feedback cycle.
  3. You think to hire a dedicated PHP developer when you want to develop a software product. As per software dynamics, it is only possible to know a 10 to 15% requirement at the start. So you need a dedicated developer who will be always with you to add value in your concept through idea sharing, sketches, screen mocks, technical possibilities, and POCs (proof of concepts).
  4. You can hire a dedicated PHP developer to maintain your existing large PHP application where you need to provide support to your users as well as you to improve your software features to match the changing business environment.  
  5. You should hire a dedicated PHP developer if you are providing web development services to your clients using PHP.  You can simply get a dedicated developer in India at a fraction of the cost of an on-site developer.

Typical Skill-set for a Dedicated PHP Developer

The skills and experiences of a ReactJS developer may vary from developer to developer. However, they are likely to have the following skillset

  1. PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery & Vanilla Javascript (Expert)
  2. PHP Frameworks (Yii, Laravel, etc), an expert in at least two PHP frameworks (Expert)
  3. ReactJS and/or React Native ( likely but not always)
  4. MySQL, PgSQL, and MongoDB (Expert)
  5. Basic Database designing skill and  SQL
  6. Agile  Requirement Mgt and Requirement development techniques
  7. Basic Agile Project Management  
  8. Basic quality sense and test management skill
  9. Communication over skype, email, etc
  10. 4-8 years of experience in developing web and mobile applications

PHP frameworks to choose

We will give you options to choose any popular PHP framework of your choice  

Laravel - The most popular PHP framework
Yii2 - The high-performance PHP framework to build a website quickly
Phalcon - The highest performance PHP framework, core written in C
Codeigniter - Stable PHP framework and many web applications are written on it
Drupal - PHP framework with built-in CMS

How can we help you in building PHP Applications?

It may not be easy ( if not impossible) for you to hire so many experts. Just hiring a developer will not solve your problem either. We can help you …

  1. We have been in web development and PHP development since 1999. We have a fair amount of organizational knowledge base and codebase from which you can benefit.
  2. We will provide you with an experienced PHP developer who can play other roles with help from in-house experts. When a situation demands expert help, we will line up the experts on an SOS basis. You will never need to hire those experts on a dedicated basis but enjoy the full benefits at minimum cost.
  3. We can provide you with a PHP developer who can do both front end and back end programming when your requirement is for only one developer. When it's a large project we will provide several dedicated developers if required.
  4. A PHP programmer can never bring the perfection of a designer to the design point. We will give you access to the designer just paying the marginal cost.
  5. If your proposed system is performance or security-sensitive you must do formal load and security testing at the right time, else you may have to throw away the entire project even after the full development. We can give access to the experts just paying the additional cost. However simple projects may not require these additional tests.
  6. We can manage your DEV and Live server at AWS too. Basic setup & day to day administration including backup.
  7. We have our own integrated project management cum product development platform that takes care of the project life cycle as well as the product development life cycle. From concept to cash. It contains requirement development, agile project management,  test management,  defects tracking, and documentation management.  You will get benefited from it at no extra cost.

How does a Dedicated PHP Developer cost?

The cost may vary from USD 1000 to USD 1800 depending on the skillset and experience of the developer.

There are 4 main reasons.

  1. Low Cost - If you are from India, you may not have too much cost advantage, but can avoid hassles. But if you are from a country from Europe or from America, I can bet, you will get a better developer with us at an approximate 1/5th cost (or even less) in comparison to a local developer.
  2. No Hassles - Of course, you can hire a local developer and accommodate him in your office.  But you need additional table space, computer, and all web development amenities for him along with the usual hassles of recruitment, training, payroll, and regular supervision. With online dedicated developers with us, we take all these hassles. You just concentrate on your business.
  3. Full Control - You always have the option to get things done on a fixed cost basis, but you will lack the control.  You have to compromise with your priority, freedom to change, and freedom to communicate with the developer.  You need to define every work every time and get involved with the cycle until it is done. But your involvement will be minimum for a dedicated developer.
  4. Fulltime Technology Consultant -  A dedicated PHP developer will be like your other employee. He/she will not only work as a developer but as your technology consultant. This is highly recommended for the continual improvement of your business. The 5th point of LEAN product development technique and 3rd point of DevOps framework. You can never expect it from fixed cost hiring or part-time hiring.


We recruit intelligent, well qualified and experienced PHP/MySQL developers and let them work under quality oriented strict supervision. They become available for hiring when they ensure delivering quality works.  Here how it works.

  1. You hire a full time developer (or project manager) just paying a 15 days charge in advance.
  2. We provide all web development amenities. We even provide our code library, modules, and framework free for him to use. These have been built and tested in last 13 years.
  3. The  developer  will work only on your projects and will be always available on skype/chat during the working hours.  You can contact them any time, during the working hours. If he is stuck  or need some expert help, he has option to consult other expert  developers who you have not hired.
  4. You get the non development works (template design, data entry etc) by other resources on assignment basis. Your dedicated developer can manage it on your behalf.  
  5. He manage a daily log and enter what hours have been spent on what tasks.You can check his works any time.
  6. In case a developer has become ill or left the job or you are not satisfied with  his works, we will arrange a replacement developer. You can stop him with a 15 days notice.
  7.  We will be available for future support, after years, even for a 1 hour job.

In short, it is just like your own developer at your office. Except he sits bihind the internet, not behind the wall. Additionally you do not take any technical and HR hassles.

  • A full time dedicated developer will work only for your projects. He will NOT work for another customer work even when he has no work to do at a particular moment of time.
  • He/She  will be joining general RP meetings (normally HR and general project issues are discussed in the meeting, normally held on first Saturday, once in a month) leaving any other works.
  • He /She will work 165 hours on an average. However minimum committed hours is 160 hours. In case average hours is less than 165 hours  we will adjust cost with last month bill or on every 6 month, whichever is earlier. In case of daily hiring it is 8 hours. This does not include lunch hours.
  • Normal RP office hours is 10 AM to 7 PM with a 1 hour gap lunch break. 5 days a week. Except public holidays.
  • The dedicated developer will be online as per your instruction. You are free to communicate with him via skype(or any other method) during his office hours. He will work as per your schedule and priority. RP will will not intervene in anyway in any task unless requested.
  • He/she will report his, attendance and daily work through a project management system. You can check it any time. Should you have any question or doubt, you can contact RP authority and demand for clarification.  
  • You can hire a developer by making just an advance payment of 15 days work. This amount will be adjusted with the first  month bill. In case of weekly hiring it is 4 days only.   
  • In the first 15 days, if not satisfied, cancel the deal without giving any notice. We will refund the money of the un-used  days.   After 15 days, you can terminate the deal with a 15 days’ notice. For weekly  you can cancel with a 7 days notice only.
  • Billing cycle monthly. We will always bill in the first week of next month of earlier months work. 
  • Payment should be made or at least initiated  within 10 days you receive the bill. If the payment is delayed for a reason not acceptable to us, we may temporarily change the billing model from postpaid to prepaid until all dues are cleared.
  • A dedicated developer will inform you before taking any short leave. In case of any long leave we will either arrange another developer for that period or adjust with the bill.
  • Confidentiality - We will keep all personal information, IP rights confidential to any 3rd party. A developer  will keep his RP identity hidden for any communication with your client.
  • A dedicated developer is free to use any RP core library, module in your project and you will have use, modification and distribution licence for unlimited time. We will never ask for any royalty or additional cost for these core classes / modules/ scripts.
  • In case a monthly dedicated developer leaves permanently and we assign a developer who never worked on your projects, we will provide 30% discount to allow the new developer to learn. This will compensate your loss from leaving and reduce your risk to a large extent.
  • Though unlikely, but RP will have the right to replace an existing developer with a new developer with a 15 days notice.
  • RP will waive the 30% of the first month bill of a new developer for any 3 months or higher contract . The cost will be adjusted in the 3rd month bill. This  is to offset the cost to get started with the new project environment, framework, understanding an existing system etc.
  • If RP replaces a dedicated developer before the project ends (this may happen at rare cases), RP will arrange for a new developer and allow a 30% billing discount  on that month to offset the cost  to get started for the new developer.
  • In case you are hiring a team developer,  he is likely to work on an existing team under a senior developer working  and/or under a RP project manager. In case the senior developer / project manager is not hired on a dedicated basis by you, it is likely  that their invovlement hours will be billed as per standard RP rates.  The same applies in case of  senior developer hiring when he requires professional involvement from other developer / project manager.
  • Unless mutually agreed, you don’t bear the cost of any hardware / software or anything else used by the developer.

Why Hire from Us?

  • We add Lean & DevOps values to your application

    Toyota became world leader in car manufacturing by practicing Lean. Leading businesses today do DevOps (the successor of Lean) automation to minimize the waste. We too can help you in this regard.

  • TDD checklists to ensure Built-in-Quality

    Quality not defined is quality denied. There are some core qualities those must be introduced in the design phase, can never be added after QC process. We add these built-in-quality through TDD checkpoints.

  • Agile platform covering both product and project life cycle

    Most of the project management software takes care of the project life cycle only. Our project cum product management system automates the CMMI processes in agile perspective throughout the product life cycle (PLC).

  • Integrated Requirement Management System

    Our system includes a built in agile requirement development and management system. It helps both you and the developer to extract the software requirements easily in the format that a developer actually needs.

  • Integrated Change Management System

    Change is a must to stay in business. A change can be a bug, an missed out requirement, an improvement or simply a new addition. To report, manage and document a change is important. Our system process takes care of it.

  • Integrated Test Management Platform

    Without a proper testing (verification and validation), there is a little chance that all the funtional and non funtional requirements will be there in the delivery. We have a built-in system and process to take care of it.

  • System Documentation in the background

    Project execution is one time job, but the delivered product requires future maintenance. It can be too painful if the system logics, flow diagrams, use cases, changes are not documented. We do it in the background.

  • No unpleasant surprises - Estimate Change History

    The fact is, most software projects run in late. There can be many reasons but only one solution. Know the reasons at earliest and act accordingly. We provide anytime estimate change report to act before it surprises you.

  • Full team support lead by 15+ years exp experts

    We have sevearl 15+ years experienced experts who guide the developers in defining the product, processes and design the architecture as required. You get the standards set by the experts but implemented by developers.

  • Defined quality delivery at low India price

    This has been possible because of the availiblity of high quality skills at India price together with agile practices, process automation, integrated test managment with TDD checklists, 5S verification and finally ethical practices.

  • Web Development since 1999

    We are on web since 1999. In 2004, we developed our own MVC framework in PHP. We work with stable frameworks like Yii/Laravel/Phalcon (PHP), d-jango (Python), Express/Node.js and React.js / React Native (Javascript).

  • Future Support Ensured - by default

    We provide future support. Even if you come back with a small change. Client stay with for years. Most of our clients are with us for more than 5 years. The main reason we would like to grow with our clients.

What next for Dedicated PHP Hiring?

Simply talk to us. We will discuss this with you first. On Skype.  Will try to understand your product/business/project. Then we will suggest the best possible deal such that you get maximum value at minimum cost.   

Email : contact@remoteprogrammer.com Skype: lutfal_hoque