Software Outsourcing

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons

From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

We worked with Remote Programmer for several years and they provided great service.

Developers are reliable and supported by a flexible, capable and collaborative management team as needed.

Ian Gordon

Outsource your Web and Mobile Development work to India

Outsource all your Web and Mobile development works to our experienced, skilled, & reliable dedicated development teams. We can take care of all the processes throughout the product development life cycle.

Our 100% of projects are sourced from overseas. 80% of them are from Software Companies. Across the globe - from the UK, US, Canada & South Africa, and more.

Application Development

Android / iOS
App Development

Application Development

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Phalcon / Yii / Laravel / Codeigniter / Drupal Magento-2 / Drupal Commerce / Woocommerce
 / React Native / Node.js
PgSQL / MongoDB

JIRA / A4W - SCRUM / DevOps

TDD / Unit / Functional / 5S / Load / Security/Usability/Code Quality
  • Web Development since 1999
  • 15+ years experienced experts to lead
  • Reduced development cycle using Agile DevOps tools
  • Ethical practices at its highest level along with service agreement with NDA
  • Full control on the resources - just like your own employee
  • Easy replacements if you are not happy with someone  
  • Transparent DEV Process- see progress anytime
  • Built-in-Quality through TDD checklists
  • Integrated Requirement, Change,  Test &  Documentation Mgt System
  • Help with managing servers at AWS or other
  • Long Term Support
  • Lowest Possible Rates
  • 30% discount on first month dedicated hiring

Why Outsource to India?

There are 3 main reasons.

  1. Better Quality at much Lower Cost - The cost of a dedicated developer with similar talent is several times lower than that of an American or European country. You can afford a full-fledged team in India for a monthly cost of  $7000. It can include a dedicated scrum master, 4 developers/designers/testers. In the US/UK, this is the cost of a single developer with a similar technical base.
  2. No Hassles - Of course, you can hire a local developer and accommodate him in your office.  But you need additional table space, computer, and all web development amenities for him along with the usual hassles of recruitment, training, payroll, and regular supervision. Most of all  you will need support for emergencies. If you outsource all your problems are gone.  We will take all these hassles. You just concentrate on your business.
  3. Access to Shared Experts- Software development is teamwork. For a complex software application development, you need at least a dedicated developer plus 4-5 functional experts such as designer, architect, tester, server admin, database admin, load tester,  data entry operator, and others depending on the project requirement. It may not be easy for you to line up all the talents even if you can afford them. Here you get their access whenever you need them.

How can we help you?

We can help you throughout the product development life cycle - for any mobile or web application. You will have a choice of how much you will do and how much we will. Here is the list of things  we can do on your behalf

  1. Requirement Development - Analysing the high-level requirements, explore new possibilities, and detail those with specific code logics
  2. Requirement Management - Manage those requirements such that we can reuse those when required
  3. Technical Solution - Converts requirements units into proposed software units ( bricks and mortars - scripts, database units, etc)
  4. Test case writing and TDD checkpoint preparation - Define non-functional requirements that define the quality. For example - define how the iPhone is different from a MI phone.
  5. Software Design and Architecture - Finalise the architecture  that solves the problem at the same time ensures security and performance
  6. Project Management  using Agile / DevOps tools and techniques
  7. Project Development Environment Setup (at Dev / Staging / Live )
  8. Coding, Debugging, and unit testing
  9. Standard Testing using test management tools
  10. Load testing, security testing, functional and non-functional testings
  11. Preparation of Live checkpoints and making it live
  12. Manage  staging server for UAT testing
  13. Final release along with data migration and monitoring
  14. Defect tracking and defect fixing
  15. Documenting the projects with diagrams and manuals for future users
  16. Manage Dev / Staging  and Live server at  AWS cloud
  17. Maintain the software application - periodic backup, upgrade, update, and changes
  18. Technical support to your clients
  19. And more ..  as situation demands

In addition to the above, we can also help

  1. Keep the team updated as per the latest technologies and techniques
  2. Training new developers
  3. Transform a local discovery to a global discovery
  4. Giving you monthly  reports along with automated anytime reports

Project Management and Project Monitoring  

We have our own agile integrated project management cum product management system. This attempts to provide the end to end solutions for the development works. From concept to cash. From idea, generation to release, and technical service tracking. It has built-in tools for requirement development, requirement management, technical solutions, test management, defect tracking and documentation apart from standard project management features.

It has a full-fledged project management system (like Jira) built-in. It helps you to manage daily scrums, backlog, sprints, Kanban (current sprint), month-end retro, retro meeting, and also to take actions accordingly.

In addition to it, we have a desktop application to check the availability of the developer at any moment in the integrated project management system itself.

However, alternatively, you can choose a 3rd party project management tool like Jira or Trello if you wish. We are comfortable with those.

Reporting and Communication

We have automated work reports where you can get day wise, project wise reports for your team. You can also have delivery reports for a month or period. You can see which tasks are taking longer and killing your project time.  You can estimate history for a task. You can also get desk availability reports if you wish to do so.

The primary mode of communication is skype. Some task-specific communication can be done in the project management messaging system. Email is preferred for communication to report an urgent issue when not on a desk or to communicate with people who are not regular on skype. We can use audio and video calls too for demo or training purposes.

Time Zone

We are from India and we will prefer to work in Indian Time Zone. However, we can be a little flexible to match it with yours such that we have some common office hours to run the major discussion.

Why “NO” to freelancers?

Freelancers are often good developers and sometimes yield better results in the short term. But there are inherent risks  

  1. Unreliable - You do not know when he or she is not with you. Developers may get changed with us too but the transition process will be smooth.
  2. Risk Factors -  Your codebase is at Risk. A professional company will think thrice to do anything unethical with your codebase. A freelancer may not (normally they do) because it is next to impossible to track him/her.
  3. Limited Knowledge - A freelancer however expert he is, can't be an expert on everything on software development. Making large software is a team game that requires many experts. You may not need to hire all of them on a dedicated basis but you should have them on an SOS basis. We have this opportunity here with us.  

Any doubt or any questions?

If you have any doubts or questions about our ability or anything please ask it directly to CEO Lutfal Hoque. He has 22+ years of coding, project management, product marketing, and overall experiences. He also has a vast knowledge of LEAN, Agile, SCRUM, and DevOps processes and written many blogs. He could be of help even if you do not want to work with us right now.

How to start?

  1. Schedule a meeting with us
  2. Please prepare all possible questions to verify our credentials and abilities
  3. Have a meeting with us
  4. If happy, start  with a single dedicated developer along with shared resources
  5. Take more people if happy with us