Part Dedicated Hiring

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons

From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

Part Dedicated Hiring

Do you have a live website? Need a reliable (and always the same developer) for regular monitoring and urgent changes?  ...But can’t afford a fulltime developer?

Part-Dedicated Developer with fixed hour monthly contract can be the ideal solution. He will make prior plan to do your jobs with your priority. He will also take the responsibility to maintain your site over months that suits your requirement and budget.

Of course you could go for a task based billing. Whenever you have something to change, you contact your developer, he gives a quote, you approve, he executes it. But all these takes time and good for larger pieces of works that does no. No developer will give priority  to give you a quote for 1 hour of work however urgent it is. Result is delay. This may simply kill your business.

Who will hire?

  1. You are running website/MIS system and you need someone to carry on miscellaneous development / support works to on ongoing basis. But your work is not that much that requires a fulltime developer.
  2. You are running an IT company and need a project manager  to look after the works of your developers but have tight budget  

How a Part-Dedicated Developer Works?

We recruit intelligent, well qualified and experienced PHP/MySQL developers and let them work under quality oriented strict supervision. They become available for hiring when they ensure delivering quality works.  Here how it works.

  1. You hire a part time developer (or project manager) to work at least XX hours just paying a 15 days charge in advance. XX can be any number  above 60, depending on your work load decided by you.
  2. We  provide all web development amenities for your part time developer. We even provide our code library, modules, and framework free for him to use. These have been built and tested in last 13 years.
  3. You define the tasks (to do list) in an online shared document. You discuss with the developers (using skype chat / call) to clarify things. You give us access to your site such that we can work. You set priority to every task.  These tasks can be simple information change, look change, new module development, urgent bug fixing or anything related to programming.
  4. Developers do your work as per your set priority. They do urgent fixing works with top priority, even on holidays.  If he is stuck  or need some expert help, he will have option to consult other expert  developers who you have not hired
  5. He will manage a daily log and enter what hours have been spent on what tasks. He will submit the log at month end to you.
  6. We will arrange for a replacement developer in case he is ill or he has left the job or you are not satisfied with his works. We will be available for future support even after years.

Part Dedicated Hiring Rates

Resource Type Experience Rate in $
Monthly Hours->   First 60 Hrs 60 to More (per hr)
Team  Developer  2-3 yrs 480 7
Sr Team Developer 3-4 Yrs 540 8
Senior Web Developer  4-6 yrs 660 9
Sr Application developer  >4-7 yrs 720 10
Project Manager / Analyst 8-10 yrs 900 15
Web Designer >3 yrs 540 9
SEO Expert >3 yrs 720 12
Data entry operator >2 yrs 250 4

Please Note:

  1. Hours must be purchased/booked for a month in advance. Minimum commitment hrs is 10 only.
  2. Unused hours will  not carry forward to next month.



  • We add Lean & DevOps values to your application

    Toyota became world leader in car manufacturing by practicing Lean. Leading businesses today do DevOps (the successor of Lean) automation to minimize the waste. We too can help you in this regard.

  • TDD checklists to ensure Built-in-Quality

    Quality not defined is quality denied. There are some core qualities those must be introduced in the design phase, can never be added after QC process. We add these built-in-quality through TDD checkpoints.

  • Agile platform covering both product and project life cycle

    Most of the project management software takes care of the project life cycle only. Our project cum product management system automates the CMMI processes in agile perspective throughout the product life cycle (PLC).

  • Integrated Requirement Management System

    Our system includes a built in agile requirement development and management system. It helps both you and the developer to extract the software requirements easily in the format that a developer actually needs.

  • Integrated Change Management System

    Change is a must to stay in business. A change can be a bug, an missed out requirement, an improvement or simply a new addition. To report, manage and document a change is important. Our system process takes care of it.

  • Integrated Test Management Platform

    Without a proper testing (verification and validation), there is a little chance that all the funtional and non funtional requirements will be there in the delivery. We have a built-in system and process to take care of it.

  • System Documentation in the background

    Project execution is one time job, but the delivered product requires future maintenance. It can be too painful if the system logics, flow diagrams, use cases, changes are not documented. We do it in the background.

  • No unpleasant surprises - Estimate Change History

    The fact is, most software projects run in late. There can be many reasons but only one solution. Know the reasons at earliest and act accordingly. We provide anytime estimate change report to act before it surprises you.

  • Full team support lead by 15+ years exp experts

    We have sevearl 15+ years experienced experts who guide the developers in defining the product, processes and design the architecture as required. You get the standards set by the experts but implemented by developers.

  • Defined quality delivery at low India price

    This has been possible because of the availiblity of high quality skills at India price together with agile practices, process automation, integrated test managment with TDD checklists, 5S verification and finally ethical practices.

  • Web Development since 1999

    We are on web since 1999. In 2004, we developed our own MVC framework in PHP. We work with stable frameworks like Yii/Laravel/Phalcon (PHP), d-jango (Python), Express/Node.js and React.js / React Native (Javascript).

  • Future Support Ensured - by default

    We provide future support. Even if you come back with a small change. Client stay with for years. Most of our clients are with us for more than 5 years. The main reason we would like to grow with our clients.

Type Team Developer Senior Developer Project Manager
Education Must be a Bachelor/Master in technology (B Tech/M. tech) or the same in computer science (BCA/MCA). Same Same
Experience At least  2 years  of relevant experience At least  3-6  years  of relevant experience At least  5 years  of relevant experience
Basic Role
  1. Will work as per project manager’s instruction / SRS
  2. Will do  all required coding works  for  developing  a typical website/web application (CMS, gallery, shopping cart, membership websites ) as per well defined SRS
  3. May not be able to  manage a live site independently
  1. Will work with more responsibility and less  supervision
  2. Will do  all required coding works  for  developing  a typical website/web application (CMS, gallery, shopping cart, membership websites ) as per well defined SRS
  3. Will manage a small / medium sized live site by his own
  1. Can play the role of a senior developer when required
  2. Will manage a team of developers working on multiple projects or on a large project
  3.  Will do all the associated   project Mgt works
Code Quality Can  write convention maintained, object oriented, non-redundant  architecture based code using Drupal/RP framework. Easy for future maintenance. Same but with greater efficiency Same but with greater efficiency
Web Tools
  1.  PHP / JavaScript / HTML / XML / JQUERY / AJAX / CSS wherever required
  2. MySQL/SQL
  3. RP/Drupal and other major frameworks

Same but with greater efficiency

Same but with greater efficiency

Web  Design Can manipulate images using Photoshop and convert PSD template to HTML without requiring another designer. Same but with greater efficiency Same but with greater efficiency
System Design Has basic knowledge of database structure, db design and MySQL database Able to analyze and  design (database) a small  concept based application indpendently Able to analyze  design  and manage  all small and large applications independently
Project Mgt Has basic understanding of SDLC and work as per PM instruction Can manage a single project independently Ability to define, estimate, design, schedule, assign to developers,  report progress and deliver a project  as per commitment


  • You can hire a part time developer by just making an advance payment of 15 days work. This amount will be adjusted with the last month bill.
  • You must book/purchase monthly contracted hours beforehand. A part dedicated developer will schedule the tasks accordingly such that it can be done with priority. The minimum hours that needs to be booked in a month is 60 hours.
  • In the first 15 days, if not satisfied, you can cancel the deal without giving any notice. We will refund the money of the un used hours. After 15 days, you can terminate the deal with a 15 days’ notice.
  • You can communicate with the developer through skype with prior schedule. Communication hours will be billed as usual.
  • The developer will report all worked hours through a project management system and submit on month end. If you want you can request him to submit report on any day of the month. The reporting hours are subject to billing.
  • Unused hours, if any, will not carry forward next month. Any excess usage  will be billed in the same slab rate.
  • Billing cycle monthly. We will always bill in the first week of next month of earlier months work.  The advance amount will be adjusted with the last month work. 
  • Payment should be made or at least initiated  within 10 days you receive the bill. If the payment is delayed for a reason not acceptable to us, we may temporarily change the billing model from postpaid to prepaid until all dues are cleared.
  • Confidentiality - We will keep all personal information, IP rights confidential to any 3rd party. A developer  will keep his RP identity hidden for any communication with your client.
  • The developer is free to use any RP core library, module in your project and you will have use, modification and distribution licence for unlimited time. We will never ask for any royalty or additional cost for these core classes / modules/ scripts.
  • You don’t bear the cost of any hardware/software or anything else used by the developer.
  • You can not make any direct deal or offer any incentive directly with the developer
  • Though unlikely, but RP will have the right to replace an existing developer with a new developer with a 15 days notice.
  • RP will waive the 30% of the first month bill of a new developer or a replacement developer(and if replacement process is initiated by RP)  for a 2 months or higher contract . The cost will be adjusted in the 2nd month bill. This is not applicable for any temporary replacement.