Hire Virtual Dedicated Developers

From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

We have used Remote Programmer for last 77 months (as on March 2014) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 400 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons


Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

Virtual Dedicated Hiring

In Virtual Dedicated Hiring  you hire 160 hours of several types of resources for developing your project. Someone is always working on your project on a dedicated basis. You can contact him anytime. Unlike fixed cost hiring, you have the full control on the project manager, developer, tester when they work on your project.

It is the Ideal Hiring Model for developing a New Custom Web Application.  Here is why?

Why Virtual Dedicated Hiring?

Developing a new custom, concept based web application requires many experts. You need at least an analyst cum PM, a developer, a web designer and a tester.   Here is the contribution table.

Who Contributes How Much?

 Sl.  Roles /skill types Contribution to Total Work (Approx) Experience level (Years)
 1 System Analyst / Project Design / Solutions Provider / Project Mgt 30%  to 35% 5-15 years
 2 Graphics Template Designer (to design the main templates) 5% to 8% 3-8 years
 3 HTML designer / Programmer / Unit Tester / Bug Fixer / tester 60% to 65% 2-5 years


To save cost, many people hires just a developer and compromises with the quality of the system.

The best solution is to hire all dedicated resources. But 40% to 70% of your resources may go unused.  You may not afford it for a small project.

Of course, you could go for a fixed cost quotation method. But you will need to define your project before estimation is done and you may not be allowed to make changes in the core logic. But for concept based project your requirement doc will evolve over time in the early phase of development, you never know it unless you have moved ahead. So if you go for fixed cost basis, 90% chance is that  you will end up with a wrong system. And simply  all your money will go in waste.   

Virtual Dedicated Hiring is a solution. You  get all the experts when you need and you have control on your project requirement. And at the same time you do not hire all these experts on a dedicated basis.

When to Hire a Virtual Dedicated Developer?

Followings are the situations when you should hire a virtual dedicated developer

  1. When you are developing a new concept based web application
  2. When your custom website is going to be different than others.
  3. When you want to full control on the developers to yeild high quality output


  1. We have a set of intelligent, well qualified and experienced PHP/MySQL developers who have worked in different PHP/MySQL projects. They are full time employee of RP and work from our Kolkata office normally works during: 10 AM to 7-30 PM.
  2. You hire a Virtual Dedicated Developer resource from us. Basically you are hiring 160 hours a month of a team of resources till the project ends.
  3. We will select a team for your project. You can also be part of this process. We will select the project manager and the developer. We will use the designer and tester on availability basis.
  4. In the initial stage of project definition, analysis and design phase system analyst and designer will work. In the development phase the role of the developer will be more. They will work when required.
  5. You will always get someone working on your project dedicatedly. But ideally in a month, they will work for 160 hours (NET) in total for your projects. These 160 hours includes any work with your project, but does not include any other works.
  6. If in a month they work more than committed hours those will be adjusted next month. However, idle hours due to dependency from your side will not be carried forward to next month.
  7. You will pay a fixed hiring rate of 160 hours for a month, irrespective of who has worked on your project.   
  8. Once the project is completed you can stop this virtual dedicated hiring and switch to part time dedicated or assignment based hiring model.
  9. In this way, you use the right resource for doing the right task on a dedicated basis, again not hiring a full team on dedicated basis

There are solid reasons in its favour. Here are some of those

  1.  We guarantee quality coding. Any new project code developed by our developers will contain architecture based, modular, convention maintained, non redundant and future proof (easy to add new features and modify and existing feature) codes and database.
  2.  We will arrange for a  free pre-delivery quality review for any application development developed by our developers – it removes the chances of common errors generally ignored  by developers
  3. We provide personalised service. We eat that much we can chew. Because we always deliver more than you pay. So clients stay with us for years.
  4. 100% assurance for future support. We will provide support for any project done by our developers. We will not run away. We may quarrel with you on any dispute but we will never be dishonest with you.
  5. You get RP ready modules and library codes just free and have lifetime licence to use, edit on any number of domains. These have been developed and tested over years. We only charge for the developer’s hours, not for the developed modules.
  6. Free help from 5 to 15 years experts when he is stuck or he requires experts' opinions – Saves time and ensures high quality.  You have options to share your new ideas on web business or web marketing  on your business with highly experienced people in the industry  at no extra cost
  7. Minimum possible rates in comparison to the quality of service we provide. It is very hard to find another developer company who will deliver you this quality at this price with a future support assurance.
  8. You have no risk if a developer leaves the job. We give a replacement developer and also waive the 30% of the first month cost to let him warm up with your projects.
  9. You can cancel the deal anytime in first 15 days. No hassle, we will refund the unused money deducting just money transfer fees.
  10. We will make 30% off in the first month on any dedicated/part dedicated deal if you just complete two month with the new developer.

Type Team Developer Senior Developer Project Manager
Education Must be a Bachelor/Master in technology (B Tech/M. tech) or the same in computer science (BCA/MCA). Same Same
Experience At least  2 years  of relevant experience At least  3-6  years  of relevant experience At least  5 years  of relevant experience
Basic Role
  1. Will work as per project manager’s instruction / SRS
  2. Will do  all required coding works  for  developing  a typical website/web application (CMS, gallery, shopping cart, membership websites ) as per well defined SRS
  3. May not be able to  manage a live site independently
  1. Will work with more responsibility and less  supervision
  2. Will do  all required coding works  for  developing  a typical website/web application (CMS, gallery, shopping cart, membership websites ) as per well defined SRS
  3. Will manage a small / medium sized live site by his own
  1. Can play the role of a senior developer when required
  2. Will manage a team of developers working on multiple projects or on a large project
  3.  Will do all the associated   project Mgt works
Code Quality Can  write convention maintained, object oriented, non-redundant  architecture based code using Drupal/RP framework. Easy for future maintenance. Same but with greater efficiency Same but with greater efficiency
Web Tools
  1.  PHP / JavaScript / HTML / XML / JQUERY / AJAX / CSS wherever required
  2. MySQL/SQL
  3. RP/Drupal and other major frameworks

Same but with greater efficiency

Same but with greater efficiency

Web  Design Can manipulate images using Photoshop and convert PSD template to HTML without requiring another designer. Same but with greater efficiency Same but with greater efficiency
System Design Has basic knowledge of database structure, db design and MySQL database Able to analyze and  design (database) a small  concept based application indpendently Able to analyze  design  and manage  all small and large applications independently
Project Mgt Has basic understanding of SDLC and work as per PM instruction Can manage a single project independently Ability to define, estimate, design, schedule, assign to developers,  report progress and deliver a project  as per commitment


Resource Type 2 Months or More <2 months
Developer (PM + Designer + Team Developer) $995 $1095
Developer (PM + Designer + Senior Developer) $1195   $1295
SEO Expert (SEO Consultant + SEO Executive) $800 $800


  1. You can hire a virtual dedicated developer by paying an advance payment of 15 days work (50% of one month billing). This advance amount will be adjusted in the first month's billing.
  2. A virtual dedicated developer will consist a team. The main developer, a project manager cum analyst and required hours of a designer. The main developer will work almost fulltime, the PM will work parttime and manage the project will fulll responsiblity and the designer will help on on required basis.
  3. Total atleast 160 hours in a month will be done.  This will include, developers hours, project manager's hours or designer hours if any at all. All hours spent by the developer(s) in communication, research, programming and testing will be recorded.  Hours spent by project manager or other than lead developer is likley to be deducted  from the lead developers monthly total hours in the same month or following months. Alternatively it can be billed in the same rate as per client preferance.
  4. If in a month they work more than committed hours, those will be billable or carried forward in the next month. At the end of the month we will give an hour report. We can give in the middle too on request.
  5. Any idle hour (may be due to dependency from your side) will not be carried forward to next month. Idle hour of the main  developer/resource will be only considered.
  6. Billing cycle monthly, you will receive bill for previous month work. and payment should be made within 10 days you receive the bill.
  7. Unless mutually agreed, you don't bear the cost of any hardware/software or anything else used by the developer. 
  8. In the first 15 days (or in the first week for weekly plan), if not satisfied, you can cancel the deal without giving any notice. We will refund the money of the unused hours.   After 15 days, you can terminate any time on a 30 days' notice.