Project Manager cum Analyst

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons

From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

Project Manager cum Analyst

A project manager cun analyst's role is often undermined and the cost is considered as an overhead cost.  It is true, you can go without a project manager for a simple project but you need a PM when there is a team.  Even for a concept based new project, 30% to 40% jobs are of a system analyst cum project manager.  If you force your team developer to play the role of a project manager, you have to compromise with the project quality.

Education, skills and experiences


Bachelor/Master in technology (B Tech/M. tech/MBA) or  similar degree in computer sciences (BCA/MCA/MBA)


At least 5 years  of working experience in project management, system analysis, database design and web application development

Basic Role

  1. Will take responsiblity to give you the solution for a large or complex project and maintain the same in the long term

  1. Will take care of the system analysis, system design, database design and critical area programming

  2. Will manage a team of developers working on multiple projects or for a large project

  3. Will do all the associated project mgt works including estimation, scheduling, communication, planning

  4. Will also play the role of a system analyst when required

  5. Will play the role of a senior developer when required

Quality Control Skill

  1. A mature guy in web. Can think from user perspective that actually makes business. 

  2. Able to deliver convention maintained, object oriented, non-redundant architecture based code using Drupal/RP framework which will be easy for future maintenance.

  3. Apart from coding he has all other required knowledgebase to run a complex web application. Will manage even your application has bearing with other systems belonging to different database, programming language, platform etc

  4. Can lead quality control process

  5. Can take  the lead role to manage a important  live site

Programming  Tools

PHP / JavaScript / HTML / XML / JQUERY / AJAX / CSS, MySQL/SQL on  RP/Drupal and other major frameworks

Web  Design Skill

Can manipulate images using Photoshop and convert PSD template to HTML without requiring another designer. You can expect higher perfection than a team developer.

System Design Skill

Has proven ability of do the required system analysis,  project design and db design  for any web based projects.

Project Mgt Skill

Has proven project management skills.  He will take a lead role in defining, analyzing, planning, executing the development process, reporting   and finally uploading the site on a live server.


When hire a Project Manager cum Analyst

You need a project manager, either dedicated or part time basis in the following situations

  • For a managing a team of developer working on single or multiple projects
  • You need a project manager even for a single person project when the developer is a team developer and  the project is complex

Hiring Models to Hire a Project Manager  cum Analyst

  • Full Dedicated - When you have a dedicated team of 3 or more developers you can consider hiring a dedicated project manager
  • Part Dedicated - When you have one or two dedicated developers in your team you should go for part dedicated project manager to avoid the cost of  full dedicated
  • Virtual Dedicated - If you are developing small concept based web application that you should opt for Virtual Dedicated and get a Project Manager work on your project just on a dedicated in the early stage of the SDLC.

Cost Comparison Charts

Resource Type Exp Monthly Cost in $
Team Developer 2 -3 yrs 900 to 1000
Sr Team Developer 3-4 Yrs 1100 to 1200
Upto 15 PM hrs Support add on   8 to 12 yrs 150
Senior Web Developer 4-7 yrs 1150  to 1500
Senior Application  Developer 4-7 yrs 1250 to 1500
Team Lead / Project Manager / Analyst 6 - 12 yrs 1500 to 2500
Web Designer >3 yrs 1000 to 1350
SEO / Marketing Executive >2 yrs 900 to 1000
Data entry operator >2 yrs 350 to 500

Note. Costs are provided for atleast 160  (Average of two consecutive months) during office hours. Two developers of same level of experience can have different rates depending on the skill sets they have. 

Resource Type Experience Rate in $
Monthly Hours->   First 60 Hrs 60 to More (per hr)
Team  Developer  2-3 yrs 480 7
Sr Team Developer 3-4 Yrs 540 8
Senior Web Developer  4-6 yrs 660 9
Sr Application developer  >4-7 yrs 720 10
Project Manager / Analyst 8-10 yrs 900 15
Web Designer >3 yrs 540 9
SEO Expert >3 yrs 720 12
Data entry operator >2 yrs 250 4

Please Note:

  1. Hours must be purchased/booked for a month in advance. Minimum commitment hrs is 10 only.
  2. Unused hours will  not carry forward to next month.


Resource Type Exp Hourly Rate in $
Volume (Hrs)   <10 10 to 20 20 to 50 50 or More
Team  Developer  2-3 yrs 12 11 10 9
Senior Team Developer  3-4.5 yrs 13 12 11 10
Senior Developer 4-6 Yrs 14 13 11 11
Senior Application Developer 4-6 Yrs 15 14 12 12
Project Manager / Analyst  5-10 yrs 14 14 14 14
Biz Consultant >12 years 16 16 16 16
Server Administrator >8 yrs 16 16 16 16
Web Designer >3 yrs 12 10 10 10
SEO Expert >5 yrs 16 12 12 12
Data entry operator >2 yrs 6 4 4 4

Note: Minimum billing/quotation hours for a fixed cost hiring is 4 only. The minimum log hour for all types of hiring is 1 only.  Higher is the volume lower is the rate. Reason, leakage for executing a smaller task is more than a bigger one.