RP Framework

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons


From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

RP Framework

RP Web Application Framework is a proprietary web application development framework in PHP.  It is a MVC (Model View Controller) framework based on Strut (Apache Group), the renowned MVC framework for developing web based application in JSP and Servlets. The development of RP framework was started in 2003, when there was NO web application development framework in PHP.  Zend and Laravel came in 2005. The PHP4 classes have just crept in.  

The first version of the RP framework tried to resemble the strut. Soon we changed the framework considering the limitations of PHP classes and RAD (Rapid Application Development) requirements. Over the time it has evaluated and has become more stable. Here are the main points of the framework.

Salient Features of RP Framework

  1. Clear separation of Application Logic, Business Logic and Display logic
  2. Built in multi layered security system with custom encryption rule
  3. 100% SEO friendly - You can edit the SEO tags,  page names and auto create the sitemap.xml
  4. 100%  editable - Built in CMS that allows editing all text, image and even email contents
  5. Simple code file structure (unlike open source projects) makes it easier to change the logic in future, even by a new programmer
  6. Strict convention for both coding and database naming makes fixing a bug easier
  7. Option to develop a multilingual website
  8. Easy option to add a new module, unlike open source projects
  9. Almost zero chances of security hack - The multilayer security and non-open source nature of the codes makes it possible
  10. No upgrade trap - Unlike open source projects, it does not require periodic upgrade to be safe from security hacks.
  11. All required modules for popular websites are already developed, so to make your websites we may need to build these from scratch

Project Development Steps using RP framework

  1. Initial communication and feasibility study from time/cost/tech point
  2. Define the project  in a requirement document
  3. Estimation, Hiring Model decision (project based, virtual dedicated or dedicated )  and project development planning
  4. Design the Templates of the home page and main section pages
  5. Final analysis, database design, project design and development planning
  6. The main development & unit testing

    a.    Re-integrate the RP framework with the core RP framework and required modules. Unrelated modules are removed to make it easy to maintain and use.  
    b.    Convert the templates in HTML and setup those in RP framework
    c.    Customize the  common and ready modules and pages
    d.    Develop the custom modules along with additional code library
    e.    Test every unit at the time of the development. Client will see the progress and have the option to modify. 
  7. Quality control by RP QC team
  8. UAT & Fixing  - Testing by client
  9. Project Delivery to client server for Live data & launch

RP Framework Vs Drupal

Sl RP Framework Drupal Framework
1 It is a CMS as well as application development framework. You can develop simple information website as well as large multi-module custom web application. It is the same
2 Clear separation of business, application and display logic It is the same
3 Custom CMS, codes can be used by the RP customers only Open source and codes are open to all including hackers
4 The basic CMS, cart and some more popular modules are readily available. Any extra module must be developed from scratch. You can quickly start a new website buy assembling the right 3rd party modules.
5 Minimum cost to develop a custom module   More cost to develop a custom module as the system is not taht much flexible.
6 No maintenance issue due to version conflict  (for any future change and  addition) as all the modules are developed by RP itself Can be an issue. Drupal Core Version upgrade can cause compatibility problem with an existing 3rd party plugin.
7 Right for websites / web applications  that require more custom modules and/or future modifications Right for web application that can be built using ready modules and you may not need much changes in the business logic
8 Highly secure and not prone to security hacks. No upgrade trap. Basic security system is high. But since it is open source you need to upgrade with every version upgrade.


RP Framework Vs Wordpress

Sl RP Framework Wordpress CMS
1 It is a CMS as well as application development framework. Best for website / web applications that involves too much customisation. It is basically a CMS. Ideal for known type of website/applications with available theme and plugins. It is not ideal for custom application.
2 Clear separation of business, application and display logic It is the same
3 It is a custom CMS. Codes are open RP customers only. Open source CMS and codes are open to all including hackers.
4 The basic web developments modules are available but number of ready modules are limited. A lot of free and paid 3rd party plugins are available, so initial development time is less if done using available theme and plugins.
5 Highly secure and not prone to security hacks. No upgrade trap. Prone to security attack if not upgraded regularly
6 Minimum cost to develop a custom module Double or more cost  to develop a custom module
7 No maintenance issue (for any future change and  addition) as all the modules are developed by RP itself. No compatiblity issue. Maintenance can be an issue.  Core Version upgrade can cause compatibility problem with an existing 3rd party plugin. Also any sort of logic changes may not be possible.
8 Ideal for any making any custom website,  web application that may require future  modifications or additions Not right for custom website or web application that may need future modifications. Website revamp cost may exceed new development cost.
9 Right  for website that requires maintenance. Even a simple website will need some work work and so  the cost.
Right for information website or ready made websites that does not requires modification other than text/image changes.


  • We add Lean & DevOps values to your application

    Toyota became world leader in car manufacturing by practicing Lean. Leading businesses today do DevOps (the successor of Lean) automation to minimize the waste. We too can help you in this regard.

  • TDD checklists to ensure Built-in-Quality

    Quality not defined is quality denied. There are some core qualities those must be introduced in the design phase, can never be added after QC process. We add these built-in-quality through TDD checkpoints.

  • Agile platform covering both product and project life cycle

    Most of the project management software takes care of the project life cycle only. Our project cum product management system automates the CMMI processes in agile perspective throughout the product life cycle (PLC).

  • Integrated Requirement Management System

    Our system includes a built in agile requirement development and management system. It helps both you and the developer to extract the software requirements easily in the format that a developer actually needs.

  • Integrated Change Management System

    Change is a must to stay in business. A change can be a bug, an missed out requirement, an improvement or simply a new addition. To report, manage and document a change is important. Our system process takes care of it.

  • Integrated Test Management Platform

    Without a proper testing (verification and validation), there is a little chance that all the funtional and non funtional requirements will be there in the delivery. We have a built-in system and process to take care of it.

  • System Documentation in the background

    Project execution is one time job, but the delivered product requires future maintenance. It can be too painful if the system logics, flow diagrams, use cases, changes are not documented. We do it in the background.

  • No unpleasant surprises - Estimate Change History

    The fact is, most software projects run in late. There can be many reasons but only one solution. Know the reasons at earliest and act accordingly. We provide anytime estimate change report to act before it surprises you.

  • Full team support lead by 15+ years exp experts

    We have sevearl 15+ years experienced experts who guide the developers in defining the product, processes and design the architecture as required. You get the standards set by the experts but implemented by developers.

  • Defined quality delivery at low India price

    This has been possible because of the availiblity of high quality skills at India price together with agile practices, process automation, integrated test managment with TDD checklists, 5S verification and finally ethical practices.

  • Web Development since 1999

    We are on web since 1999. In 2004, we developed our own MVC framework in PHP. We work with stable frameworks like Yii/Laravel/Phalcon (PHP), d-jango (Python), Express/Node.js and React.js / React Native (Javascript).

  • Future Support Ensured - by default

    We provide future support. Even if you come back with a small change. Client stay with for years. Most of our clients are with us for more than 5 years. The main reason we would like to grow with our clients.

Here are some points describes how our product/services are better than most of our competitors. When you compare our price with theirs, you must consider these quality benchmarks too.  Normally cost increases at higher ratio with the increase of quality

  1. Clear Project Definition: The quality process starts with the definition of the project.   Most vendors try dumping their system that was made for another client. Soon you will understand that you have paid for a wrong system that actually will not serve your purpose.  But we extract your own requirements and make the right system that actually you need.  To avoid remake cost we too use ready modules, codes, but never dump a module that you don't need when you are paying for a custom system.2.  
  2. Requirement Analysis and System Design by Experts: It makes a big difference if the requirement analysis and system design is done by an Expert not by a 2-3 years experience developer.  Normally you will not face any difficulty initially but will start to see it when the time for delivery comes.  Here are some symptoms if the system design is done by an inefficient hand

    a.    The project will be delayed despite developer is working hard
    b.    You will discover many important things  that was not considered
    c.    The developer will say "NO" to include new features even if you pay for it
    d.    To fix small things takes too long.
    e.    One fix creates another  issue and make the system unstable
    f.    After the site is live, adding new feature becomes a costly affairs
    g.    A new programmer  cannot manage the site  properly

    These issues are likely not to happen with Web Applications developed by us.
  3. Unique Web Templates  by a Graphics Designer :  It makes difference if the site template  is specially but for you or not.  Ideally you need to build page template for home page and each page types. If it is not an unique template, just derived from another template then two major  issues may crept in

    a.    It will look like another website.  If the  developers  has copied the internal HTML too then there is an SEO issue
    b.    The developers who have little design sense will manipulate the  site layout and the layout will lack perfection

    Custom website developed by us will not suffer from these issues.
  4. MVC Architecture with Multilayer Security:   A simple website can be built quickly without architecture.  But when a same chunk of code, same set of data are to be reused in different section of a large application you need a proper architecture.  We use our own MVC architecture that keeps display and logic layer separate.  The look can be easily changed without affecting the basic logic. Over time business changes and you may need to change the logic. The architecture allows you to make change at one place, to affect site wide.  This architecture also helps you to introduce a new module in the same system without paying the Moon or rewrite the whole system.
  5. Ensure Quality Coding: We ensure that the developers maintained following quality benchmarks while writing codes for your system.

    This architecture also helps you to sleep well during night. It has multiple security layers with custom password encryption system. Unlike many open source framework you will not see your site as a hacked site in Google due to security flaw in the application.

    a.    Architecture Maintained -  Architecture maintained code ensure helps to reduce errors  and enhance change flexibility  
    b.    Proper Coding Convention - Proper Convention maintained code makes future changes code easier and less costly.
    c.    Properly Indented and Clean Code - It helps  future developers to understand the code quickly  and  reduce the maintenance cost
    d.    Non Redundant Codes / Data - Stop the chance  to generate  errors at another  section of the application when change is made at one section    
    e.    No hard coding -  To make site wide changes you need to  change in a configuration file or table  not  to open 1000 files and edit them individually
    f.    Hack Proof Code - It stops hackers to inject code through a form, session or other injection method and hack your site to show their content  to do evil works
  6. Formal Quality Review & Testing:  Apart from unit testing done by the individual developers we run formal quality review and testing against common programming errors, design errors, data errors and security concerns. We run this test totally free even for the projects done by the dedicated developers.   Developers can easily fix an error once it is identified.
  7. UAT Testing & Fixings:  You still have the last chance to test your application and make change request. We will fix if there is a bug or change at no extra cost if it is under the project scope.
  8. Live Testing during Warranty Period:  We run a live testing after a site is live. There are always some possibilities of errors when an application is run under a different PHP/MySQL /Apache environment in the live server.  We understand it and take care of it.
  9. Ensure Quality In the Long Term:   There are many reasons why you will need our support services after the site is up and running. With the change of the business logic you may come up with new change proposals. New issues may also come due to change in the server configuration or with server move that may need an urgent fix. We continue to provide you services for a very reasonable cost in the long term. Of course if you allow us to do so. We will be available for support for even a small issue. And the change cost with our applications will be surely much lesser than it is for an application developed in an opensource framework.