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Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

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I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

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We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

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From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

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We worked with Remote Programmer for several years and they provided great service.

Developers are reliable and supported by a flexible, capable and collaborative management team as needed.

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Digital Transformation - Have your own a Cloud Control Room

Have your own Cloud Control Room as the first step for the digital transformation of your small business. Let's inspect more.

You can not probably even imagine a bank without banking software. Though just a few years back bank people used to work manual ledger books.  Now everything is automated and centrally controlled. There is a DEV team behind every system that are making it happen. Banks who could not adopt automation are no longer in operation. Experts say it is going to happen to every business,  even to small businesses, today or tomorrow.

We can help you without charging the Moon. In simple two steps

  1. Build a control room application at the cloud that will automate the basic operational processes
  2. Keep on adding the best 3rd party cloud services there one by one.  

Automation Model


Improvement Model LEAN
Project Management

Agile - Jira, A4W (Our Integrated Project Mgt cum Product Development Tool)

Quality Model

TDD, Unit, Functional, 5S & UX, Security, Maintainability & Usability testing ..

Technologies ReactJS/React Native - Phalcon / Laravel / Yii  - Node.js/Express - MongoDB / PgSQL /  MySQL as applicable

Key Benefits

  • Have central control of your business activities
  • Work and let people work from anywhere
  • Minimize the waste through workflow automation (System Thinking)
  • Speed up the feedback process and improve decision making
  • Make a local discovery to an organizational learning
  • Reduce human involvement and so the human errors
  • Let the system notify what went wrong - alert the person connected
  • Manage operation better - from daily scrum planning to month-end retro
  • Manage a task better - from task definition to delivery
  • Track daily activity of your employees - Login, logout, recess, desk time, screenshots, etc
  • Reward the right people only
  • Drastic Cost Reduction - the byproduct

What is Digital Transformation?  

Digital Transformation is the process to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet customer needs and changing market requirements- of using digital technologies.

It starts with the customer NEEDS and ends with satisfying the customer with VALUES.  We can define the same in terms of LEAN principles. It is simply automating the LEAN Principles with the use of the technologies.

Now to make it happen you need people to be engaged in different processes at different functional departments of an organization - marketing, finance, production, HR & administration.  Digital transformation means the transformation of all current business processes with new or upgraded processes using technology.

Existing tools and applications for digital transformation

The best example of digital transformation services is ERP / CRM  packages. World leaders are there to help you out. SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, and others. They have specific modules to serve the needs of specific business functional areas.

Apart from that, there are thousands of industry-specific (say banking) software applications tailored for digital transformation processes. In most cases customization becomes business-specific.

The recent trend is that vendors are creating cloud versions of their applications - as cloud services. For example, the SAP HR module at the cloud is named as Successfactors. The same attempt by oracles and others. The main reasons are cost factors and ease of maintenance.

There are thousands of such cloud services with a unique set of benefits - at different cost levels. You can choose that fits you well.

Digital Transformation for Small Business - Problems & Solutions


  1. Small businesses can never afford a full set of services from the big vendors.  But they may need and afford a specific service by a specific vendor.
  2. No existing software application can fully automate your entire set of processes
  3. It is never feasible for a software vendor to develop software that will solve all your problems. The cost maybe the Moon and it may take ages to develop.
  4. Whatever solutions you make today, tomorrow your need may change.
  5. If you subscribe to too many vendors you need to log in at too many places to see reports. You will never have a central control on the full business processes.


  1. Set up a control room application at a cloud that will make the digital transformation of the default processes - mainly related to daily operational activities.
  2. Customize it if existing solutions do not fit your requirements.
  3. Avail the 3rd party cloud services for specialized areas like payroll, CRM, bookkeeping or  talent management, or anything else
  4. Create new functionality that is available nowhere in the way you want it. A small custom workflow automation can give a big boost to your business

How can we help you?

  1. We can help you in setting up a central Control Room at the cloud. We have our own standard application which can customize as per your requirement with use and change license.
  2. We can help you to set up 3rd party cloud services and integrate the same with the control room application if they allow it.
  3. We can create new functionality bespoke to your requirement.
  4. We will continue to provide you full-time support in the long term - along with your business.

Digital Transformation Solutions  - The Models to be followed

The digital transformation is based on two types of the business concept

The five LEAN principles are considered a recipe for improving workplace efficiency and include:

  1. Identify Value - Value is something that actually brings benefits to the customer
  2. Map the Value Stream - Identifying processes/actions which are associated with  VALUE adding processes.
  3. Create Flow - Eliminate functional barriers and develop a product-focused organization that dramatically improves lead-time and minimize waste.
  4. Establish Pull - Let the customer pull products as needed, eliminating the need for a sales forecast.
  5. Seek Perfection. A continual effort of reducing effort, time, space, cost, and mistakes through learning and experimentation.


DevOps is basically the successor of LEAN in the software industry- practices required to implement lean principles. Dev stands for development and Ops stands for operation. Currently, in most companies, the DEV team is considered as a just 3rd party vendor. To get service from them it requires a fresh deal. But as per DevOps principle Dev and Ops team work hand in hand. And try to improve Flow, and feedback through continual learning and experimentation.

Cloud Control Room - Standard Features

  1. Product management

    1. Requirement management
    2. Verification and validation system
    3. Defect Management
  2. Agile Project Management

    1. Daily Scrum automation
    2. Task management with Backlog, Kanban & Sprint management
    3. Task appraisal and Retro
    4. Work entry
  3. Manage Availability

    1. Attendance Mgt - workday, holiday, special timing, etc
    2. Leave Mgt  - Stock, application, and approval
    3. Late Mgt  -  application, and approval
    4. Desktime Tracking  through desktop application
    5. Location Tracking  through a mobile application (proposed)
  4. Reports

    1. Work reports
    2. Delivery Reports
    3. Desk Availability
    4. Computer Screen Reports
    5. Anomaly reports - who did what deviation
  5. Manage Assets (Proposed)

    1. Stock management of assets
    2. Who is using what
    3. Asset transfer history
  6. Skill Management and Appraisal

    1. Manage skills and skill categories
    2. Manage employee skills
    3. Employee skill appraisal
  7. Knowledge Management (proposed)

    1. Create knowledge
    2. Map with skills
    3. Map with tasks
    4. Search knowledge

Any Doubt or any Question?

If you have any doubts or questions about our ability or anything please ask it directly to CEO Lutfal Hoque. He has 22+ years of coding, project management, product marketing, and overall experiences. He also has a vast knowledge of LEAN, Agile, SCRUM, and DevOps processes. He could be of help even if you do not want to work with us right now.

How to start?

  1. Schedule a meeting
  2. Please prepare all possible questions to verify our credentials and abilities
  3. Have a meeting with us
  4. If happy, chalk out the next plan