Mobile App Development

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

We have used Remote Programmer for last 13 years (as on Jan 2020) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 500 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons

From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

We worked with Remote Programmer for several years and they provided great service.

Developers are reliable and supported by a flexible, capable and collaborative management team as needed.

Ian Gordon

Native iOS and Android Development at affordable cost and timeframe

You can hire us for building native mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices to be managed in a single project. Using React Native.

It does not make sense to build hybrid apps and compromise with quality, when with a little more budget you can get the native apps. Building native apps using XCode and Java is likely to take at least 5 times more effort to build and the pain to manage two different projects.

App Types

iOS App &  Android App

Project Management

Agile - Jira, A4W (Our Integrated Project Mgt cum Product Development Tool)

Quality Model

TDD, Unit, Functional, 5S & UX, Security, Maintainability & Usability testing ..

Technologies React Native - Phalcon / Laravel / Yii  - Node.js/Express - MongoDB / PgSQL /  MySQL as applicable
  • Native App both for iOS and Android with a single codebase
  • Single experienced developer to manage both frontend and backend  
  • An efficient team led by 15+ years experienced experts in mobile and web
  • Ethical practices & service agreement with NDA
  • Built-in-Quality through TDD checklists
  • 5S values in your application
  • Transparent Development - See progress anytime
  • An agile platform covering both product and project life cycle
  • Integrated Requirement, Change & Test Mgt System
  • Long Term Support  Ensured

Different Types of Mobile Apps

There are 3 types of mobile apps

  1. Native Apps - Built separately for different OS like iOS and Android. So it can access all types of events of a device.
  2. Hybrid Apps - These apps can be installed like a native app but basically uses the browser functions. So it can not access everything on the devices.
  3. Web Apps - These are basically Web Applications accessed via a mobile browser but looks exactly like mobile apps. They do not require a separate installation.

Why develop a Native Mobile App?

  1. Native Mobile Apps have the best performance
  2. Native Mobile Apps are more secure
  3. Native Mobile Apps are more interactive and intuitive
  4. Native Mobile Apps allow developers to access the full feature set of devices
  5. Native Mobile App development tends to have fewer bugs during development

The Mobile Application Development Team

You need a team of experts to develop large professional web applications. You should hire resources such that the following roles are played well as applicable.

  1. Product Owner
  2. React Native Developer (main)
  3. Scrum Master
  4. API developer
  5. Test Analyst
  6. Tester
  7. Database Administrator
  8. Server Administrator

A react native developer with PHP development experience may be all you need to develop your app. He might need help from other experts a maximum of 20 hours a month.

Technology Options for developing a Mobile App

  1. Front End - React Native   
  2. Backend API
    1. PHP -  Phalcon  or Laravel or Yii
    2. Node.js with Express
  3. Database - MongoDB / PgSQL / MySQL as applicable

Why choose to React Native?

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to choose to react native

  1. Both the android app and the iOS app using the same codebase.
  2. No pain in maintaining two separate projects.
  3. The cost and time automatically get largely reduced
  4. Future maintenance is easier as the technology uses Javascript
  5. It can access and use the native libraries written in JAVA or Objective C when required

Billing Options

  1. Hire a team with one more dedicated developer on a monthly billing basis
  2. Hire on a fixed cost project basis

If the project is to be done on an agile basis you should hire a dedicated developer and enjoy the freedom to change the requirement based on the feedback.

How much does it cost?

The cost of course depends on the size and complexity of the project. If fixed cost we will love to give a proposal. We will give a cost for a fixed set of requirements. For monthly billing options, we will charge on the basis of monthly dedicated  / hourly rates as applicable. In any case, our costs are quite low in comparison to the quality of service we provide.