Technologies & Methodologies

Technologies & Methodologies

Our policy is to adopt the latest but stable frameworks, tools, and technologies associated with Web/Mobile/Desktop development. However, we would like to adopt only those frameworks and techniques where the developers can show their coding and system analysis talents. We never want them to stick to dead-end technologies like Word Press, Joomla, Prestashop, etc and let them forget the core software development skill. As a result, we do not take new clients focusing on these dead-end technologies.

Technology Overview

Coding Languages and Scripting Tools
Web Application Development
  1. API:  PHP7.x / Node.js / Python
  2. Databases - PgSQL/MongoDB/MySQL/MS-SQL
  3. Front-end:  ReactJS/AngularJS/VueJS other  associated tools
  4. Web Frameworks: Phalcon, Laravel, Yii, Drupal, Code Igniter, Magento, Django, etc
Mobile App Development
  1. React Native
  2. Java, Objective C
Desktop Application Development       ElectronJS, .NET


Software Development Methods & Frameworks

Our software development processes are highly influenced by several software-development-models and frameworks.   Here is the list of models and frameworks we follow.

  1. LEAN Principles - To maximize customer value with minimum resources
  2. Lean Software Development - Lean principles redefined for the software industry
  3. Agile  - A iterative software development technique, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration
  4. SCRUM - Agile framework to do more in less time when working in a team
  5. DevOps - The most used LEAN & Agile based framework for the digital automation of a business
  6. CMMI  - Capability / Maturity based processes for efficiently to manage and control software projects
  7. Waterfall - An non-iterative Software Development model 

We have an in-house end to end integrated product development system with built-in requirement management, requirement development, software modeling, defect tracking,  test management, agile project management, retro management, delivery management, performance tracking, skill management system, etc.  Most of the concepts and principles are automated in our integrated product development system.