CMS Website Development

From insightfulness to exquisiteness, RP proved to be an excellent partner on all aspects. Flexible work schemes, dedicated developers plus an advisory role indirectly.

Mohammed Moulay

We have used Remote Programmer for last 77 months (as on March 2014) and have always been impressed by the quality of the service they provide. We have a fairly complex website with more than 400 MySQL tables which requires a lot of work on an ongoing basis so we opted to use dedicated resources from them. It is a great value for money.

Martin Gibbons

Lutfal and Champa and their team (Remote Programmer) in Kolkata have been working with me since 2003.

Andrew R. Taylor

I personally went to India to visit Lutfal and his team in 2007 to start off our project and they made me feel very welcome. I was impressed by their set-up and professionalism. I would highly recommend Remote Programmer to anyone.

Martin J Smith

General Information Websites

The primary objective of an Information Website is to tell the world about "something". The "something" can be about a person, an organization, a business with products and services, a brand, a society or an event or anything else you can imagine of.

The 2nd major purpose of an information website is to let people contact you via your website quickly through the contact form / information provided on the website.

These websites are often termed as CMS website because you will never need to build the system from scratch, but use a CMS (Content Management System) and build it. And important thing of a CMS website is, you can edit the content via admin login.

A Simple but Presentable CMS Website

The simplest but presentable information website will contain a uniquely designed "home" page, a "contact" page, a "about us" page, a "policy" page plus a site specific dynamic page module. A dynamic page module simply allows you to create multiple pages of the same layout but with different content without contacting the developer. It can be the image gallery, product gallery, blog module or a custom module specific to your requirement.


Additional Website Features ...

Here are some likely additional ready modules / features that you can add to your websites after some sort of customizations. You can add it at the time of the development or later too.

Slide Shows - You can have eye catching slide shows in the home page and in other pages

Image Gallery - You can organize your photos in categories and sub categories and display those in the form of a gallery each opening in a nice way

Video Gallery - If you have a lot of videos to display you can organize those in categories and sub categories and display in the way you want

Product Gallery - You can organize your products in categories and sub categories and display those in the form of a gallery along with the product description, price and other info.

Blog/Article - You can add a blog / article module that will allow you to create blog/article/ Knowledgebase or any type information pages through your admin panel whenever you want. This module is compatible with Google authorship.

Forum- You need a forum module when you want your customers discussing on a topic among them. You will be the admin who will have full control on editing/deleting a thread/message/user if it goes offensive.

Helpdesk - You need a helpdesk module when you need to run a delayed and secured discussion with your customers to take care of their problems with your products /services. If you do it through email, you may be lost with too many messages.

FAQ - You can add a FAQ module to display the frequently questions and answers in a FAQ style to make it easier for the reader.

Testimonials - When you want to tell something about your product/ services in yours customers voice you need a testimonials module.

Marketing Banners - You can use this module when you need to display marketing banners in different ad space, for example at the left column on your site. This module will allow you to paste adsense code or 3rd party ad code through your admin interfaces without asking your developer.

News / Events- This module will allow you enter and display news and events over time

Shopping Cart & Payment- This feature will allow your customers to buy your products and services, checkout, enter billing information, create an invoice and pay the invoice. Later the customers as well as the admin can track the orders through their logged sections.

Custom Feature - You can have your own module developed on a bespoke basis for adding custom feature on your website. It will work in the way you want it. The great benefit of a custom module is it saves the daily management time. Because the solutions are direct and are specific to your requirement.

Here are the common features that always come with every Website that is built using RP framework.

How does it Cost To Make CMS a Website?

Type of  Websites




General Informative site - simple

  1. Common features

  2. Single unique template design

  3. Slide show - single

  4. Approx 10 pages

$350 to $450

10 to 12

General Informative site - dynamic

  1. Common features

  2. One main template and up to 2 add-on template design

  3. Slide shows - multiple

  4. Dynamic module that allows to create unlimited number of pages through admin. This may include image gallery, articles, services etc

$500 to $700

15 to 20

E Com - Basic

  1. Common features

  2. Single unique template design

  3. Slide show - multiple

  4. Custom Product gallery

  5. Shopping cart

  6. Voucher codes

  7. Payment Integration

$800  to $1200

25 to 30

E Com - Large

  1. Common features

  2. Multiple page templates

  3. Multiple slide shows

  4. Custom Product gallery

  5. Shopping cart

  6. Multiple product types

  7. Multiple attributes

  8. Discount / Sales

  9. Custom shipping calculation

  10. Additional  custom feature

  11. Voucher codes

  12. Payment Integration

$1500  to $3000

30 to 40

Membership site

  1. Common features

  2. Page  templates - multiple

  3. Slide shows - multiple

  4. Dynamic Page Module - multiple

  5. Member Registration,  subscription and basic membership features

  6. Membership renewals with recurring payments

  7. Forum Module

  8. Blog Module

  9. Podcast Module

$3000  or More

10 to 12

Note: All above costs are based on RP framework development. The cost may change with the change in framework decisons.

How to get it done?

  1. Contact us showing your interest.   Tell us as more as possible about your requirement.  If required have an online discussion through skype / gtalk.
  2. We will give a fixed cost estimate if you can provide us a fixed requirement. If you give a rough requirement, we will give a ball park figure.  We can write a formal requirement for you at a separate cost.
  3. We agree on a price, payment schedule, hiring model, time etc.
  4. We start developing the website/app in the agreed way and you pay as per agreed schedule.  We take all the trouble to define, analyze, design, develop and test the application. Here is the full website app development process using RP framework.
  5. You check the progress on each step and give rectification suggestion whenever required.
  6. When the application development is complete and it has passed our quality testing you check it finally
  7. We setup it at client server and keep a watch for few days


Who will take care of the future support?

Once it is developed and made live it will be undergo a warranty period of 60 days. Any changes under the project scope or any programming error will be fixed at no extra cost.

After that you should go for a maintenance plan.  Depending on your requirement you can choose hire dedicated, part dedicated or simply usage based plan. We will be available to do any type of work for you. It can be routine job or a small change.

Who will do the hosting and data backup?

You can host it in your server or you can simply leave the hosting part to us too. You can have hosting cum support contract with us. We hire server from the best server companies (Lunarpages or rackspace) not from unreliable companies like Godaddy. We buy backup storage at renowned 3rd party (not with the hosting server people) Storage Company for higher reliability. We will take care of the data backup too. You have to take no hassle. Only thing you have to pay us for our hard work at our nominal rate.


Here are some points describes how our product/services are better than most of our competitors. When you compare our price with theirs, you must consider these quality benchmarks too.  Normally cost increases at higher ratio with the increase of quality

  1. Clear Project Definition: The quality process starts with the definition of the project.   Most vendors try dumping their system that was made for another client. Soon you will understand that you have paid for a wrong system that actually will not serve your purpose.  But we extract your own requirements and make the right system that actually you need.  To avoid remake cost we too use ready modules, codes, but never dump a module that you don't need when you are paying for a custom system.2.  
  2. Requirement Analysis and System Design by Experts: It makes a big difference if the requirement analysis and system design is done by an Expert not by a 2-3 years experience developer.  Normally you will not face any difficulty initially but will start to see it when the time for delivery comes.  Here are some symptoms if the system design is done by an inefficient hand

    a.    The project will be delayed despite developer is working hard
    b.    You will discover many important things  that was not considered
    c.    The developer will say "NO" to include new features even if you pay for it
    d.    To fix small things takes too long.
    e.    One fix creates another  issue and make the system unstable
    f.    After the site is live, adding new feature becomes a costly affairs
    g.    A new programmer  cannot manage the site  properly

    These issues are likely not to happen with Web Applications developed by us.
  3. Unique Web Templates  by a Graphics Designer :  It makes difference if the site template  is specially but for you or not.  Ideally you need to build page template for home page and each page types. If it is not an unique template, just derived from another template then two major  issues may crept in

    a.    It will look like another website.  If the  developers  has copied the internal HTML too then there is an SEO issue
    b.    The developers who have little design sense will manipulate the  site layout and the layout will lack perfection

    Custom website developed by us will not suffer from these issues.
  4. MVC Architecture with Multilayer Security:   A simple website can be built quickly without architecture.  But when a same chunk of code, same set of data are to be reused in different section of a large application you need a proper architecture.  We use our own MVC architecture that keeps display and logic layer separate.  The look can be easily changed without affecting the basic logic. Over time business changes and you may need to change the logic. The architecture allows you to make change at one place, to affect site wide.  This architecture also helps you to introduce a new module in the same system without paying the Moon or rewrite the whole system.
  5. Ensure Quality Coding: We ensure that the developers maintained following quality benchmarks while writing codes for your system.

    This architecture also helps you to sleep well during night. It has multiple security layers with custom password encryption system. Unlike many open source framework you will not see your site as a hacked site in Google due to security flaw in the application.

    a.    Architecture Maintained -  Architecture maintained code ensure helps to reduce errors  and enhance change flexibility  
    b.    Proper Coding Convention - Proper Convention maintained code makes future changes code easier and less costly.
    c.    Properly Indented and Clean Code - It helps  future developers to understand the code quickly  and  reduce the maintenance cost
    d.    Non Redundant Codes / Data - Stop the chance  to generate  errors at another  section of the application when change is made at one section    
    e.    No hard coding -  To make site wide changes you need to  change in a configuration file or table  not  to open 1000 files and edit them individually
    f.    Hack Proof Code - It stops hackers to inject code through a form, session or other injection method and hack your site to show their content  to do evil works
  6. Formal Quality Review & Testing:  Apart from unit testing done by the individual developers we run formal quality review and testing against common programming errors, design errors, data errors and security concerns. We run this test totally free even for the projects done by the dedicated developers.   Developers can easily fix an error once it is identified.
  7. UAT Testing & Fixings:  You still have the last chance to test your application and make change request. We will fix if there is a bug or change at no extra cost if it is under the project scope.
  8. Live Testing during Warranty Period:  We run a live testing after a site is live. There are always some possibilities of errors when an application is run under a different PHP/MySQL /Apache environment in the live server.  We understand it and take care of it.
  9. Ensure Quality In the Long Term:   There are many reasons why you will need our support services after the site is up and running. With the change of the business logic you may come up with new change proposals. New issues may also come due to change in the server configuration or with server move that may need an urgent fix. We continue to provide you services for a very reasonable cost in the long term. Of course if you allow us to do so. We will be available for support for even a small issue. And the change cost with our applications will be surely much lesser than it is for an application developed in an opensource framework.

People are often misguided about using the website framework.  Sometimes they leave it to the developer, and he came to know the limitation of the framework when they come up with some major modification on the website.   They also come to know it when they see their website is hacked and abused  all the emails @website are going to spam box.

We are familiar with Drupal, RP, Joomla and Wordpress for making CMS websites.

Wordpress:  It is simple and great for a small budget website. Even non developers can customize the look and make a website for you. But changing logic of an existing website module is extremely painful. And avoid making a custom plugin because it is costly.  The biggest issue is security. I will suggest not using Wordpress unless you can upgrade the system every time it releases new version. You will lose all your credibility once you are hacked.  

Joomla:  It is a rigid CMS with lot of limitations. But there are a community and already developed plugin. You opt for Joomla only if you have special reason, say you are comfortable with using it. And pick it when you are sure that you will not try to change the logic of an already developed module or create a new custom module.  It will cost too much. You always have to buy a ready module which has an upgrade trap and may not be compatible with new version of Joomla. Since it is an open source you must upgrade regularly to avoid security threats.

Drupal:  Stable and more secure than Joomla and WP.  Probably it is the best framework amongst open source. There is a big Drupal community and you can find thousands of ready modules to serve different purpose of your website.  If the ready modules suit your requirement then you can get started quite quickly. But as it is again an open source framework, security is an issue if it is not upgraded with the new version of the software.   Logic change cost can be terrible for a module bought from a 3rd party.  Compatibility issues can arise when the plugin developer has not upgraded their plugin supporting the new Drupal version.  Developing a new module is always costlier than RP framework.  

RP Framework:  For a website that may undergo changes over time, RP framework is simply the best.  We do not have thousands of modules already developed but we can quickly develop it bespoke to your requirement.  The cost of change even after years is also less. It is our own code and it is built to accommodate future changes.

Another reason in favour of using RP framework is the security.  Unlike open source, codes are not open to hackers.  It really has multi level security layer, and but unlike an open source framework even if there is a hole in our system, hackers cannot know it.  You do not need to upgrade every month to keep it safe from hackers.

The final reason is the ease of managing the content.  You need to take a training to manage a Drupal/Joomla/WP control panel. Reason, they have lot of things to confuse you that you simply don't need.  But for RP panel, we keep only items you need and you just need to play around it to learn the management.

The major cons of RP CMS is it requires some time even to develop a small website. It requires   project manager to finalize the right spec and plan the solution, it requires a graphics designer who will design a unique template for you, it requires a developer who will convert the PSD template to HTML, do the required programming and finally it requires a QC developer who will take care of the quality.


Type of projects / tasks



Small / Large Websites with ready modules

Project Based


Large  New Websites with some custom modules

Virtual Dedicated


Downloadable / Hosted Web Application Development

Virtual Dedicated


Android & iPhone Development

Project Based


Maintenance of a large website / web application that requires regular and urgent changes/ fixing

Full  Dedicated


Maintenance of a medium sized website that requires frequent and urgent changes

Part  Dedicated


Maintenance of a small / medium sized  website that requires small changes but not too urgent

Usage Based


New feature development for a RP developed site of more than 10 hours estimate  (If no dedicated developer is there)

Project Based

9 Managing  multiple new projects and  maintaining changes in the existing projects  (required by an IT  company) Dedicated Team


There are solid reasons in its favour. Here are some of those

  1.  We guarantee quality coding. Any new project code developed by our developers will contain architecture based, modular, convention maintained, non redundant and future proof (easy to add new features and modify and existing feature) codes and database.
  2.  We will arrange for a  free pre-delivery quality review for any application development developed by our developers – it removes the chances of common errors generally ignored  by developers
  3. We provide personalised service. We eat that much we can chew. Because we always deliver more than you pay. So clients stay with us for years.
  4. 100% assurance for future support. We will provide support for any project done by our developers. We will not run away. We may quarrel with you on any dispute but we will never be dishonest with you.
  5. You get RP ready modules and library codes just free and have lifetime licence to use, edit on any number of domains. These have been developed and tested over years. We only charge for the developer’s hours, not for the developed modules.
  6. Free help from 5 to 15 years experts when he is stuck or he requires experts' opinions – Saves time and ensures high quality.  You have options to share your new ideas on web business or web marketing  on your business with highly experienced people in the industry  at no extra cost
  7. Minimum possible rates in comparison to the quality of service we provide. It is very hard to find another developer company who will deliver you this quality at this price with a future support assurance.
  8. You have no risk if a developer leaves the job. We give a replacement developer and also waive the 30% of the first month cost to let him warm up with your projects.
  9. You can cancel the deal anytime in first 15 days. No hassle, we will refund the unused money deducting just money transfer fees.
  10. We will make 30% off in the first month on any dedicated/part dedicated deal if you just complete two month with the new developer.